Saturday, July 09, 2011

Cooking Shows

Two of my favorite channels are; The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. It’s nonstop cooking shows. I’m inspired by new ideas and I attempt recipes I’ve never done before.

Some of the chefs appear very friendly and welcoming. They explain clearly what they are making and it’s easy to follow their recipes. It inspired me to do my own cooking show - at least that’s what I like to call it. I’m having loads of fun creating dishes for the camera. Having a great staff helps. There’s one young lady filming/editing the episodes and another fills the role of an assistant. Don’t I sound fancy with a crew and all? They work for food, so it’s in my budget. They make filming fun.

Last night I was watching a biography of one the celebrity chefs that usually acts as a judge on cooking competition shows. One thing I observed about these competition shows is the judges aren’t very nice. They spend a majority of the time with a frown on their faces. What are they trying to accomplish with those frowns? Is that supposed to be their serious face? They come off mean and abrasive. When they do smile, you see their bright personalities shinning through. When they have constructive criticism and deliver it with a smile the constants seem to receive it better.

I’ve said all of that to make this point – this particular chef/judge was being profiled. They showed her softer side with her staff at one of her restaurants. She seemed so nice. She smiled and she was absolutely delightful. When she wasn’t judging she was sweet and approachable.

Hmmmm . . .

When I’m not being judgmental I’m sweet and approachable. Maybe that’s why the Bible says in Matthew 7:1 “Judge not, that you be not judged.” I know that when I’m misjudged it hurts me especially when I’m not asked directly about what’s on my heart or what I’m thinking. I try very hard not to judge. It’s not always easy. Matthew 7:1 helps me to remember.

Now I realize on a cooking competition judges are necessary. They are there to do a job and pick a winner. It would be nice if they did it with a smile on their face (especially when they try to fool the competitors in thinking they did badly).

As for me, when I find I’m judging – I repent and ask God to forgive me. I pray for that person and pray for God’s blessing in their lives.

I think I’ll leave judging to the experts.

© Nadine Zawacki 2011


Dawn said...

I don't watch cooking shows - I feel like I'm gaining weight just seeing all that food! My hubby likes them, though he never cooks. But I have caught a few minutes of some of those contests, and they do seem to be really mean most of the time.

Good analogy, as usual!

Susan said...

Great post, as always!!

Christina said...

I watch cooking shows too. My favorite is Extra Virgin with Deborah and Gabeielle. I watch your videos and they are so good. Yes I'm sure it's hard to be a judge but some times they seem to be just being mean. I watch Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef and boy can those guys get mean. I know I shouldn't judge either. Thanks for the reminder.

Shionge said...

Hi Hi Nadine my dear are you?

You are so right....I watch both channels all the time. Most enjoyable is the Aussie version of The Masterchef versus US. Aussie judges are always encouraging and motivates the contestants and it is a joy just by watching the judges. Er...the US version, pale in comparison.