Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tale of Two Bracelet

A couple of months ago, Tom and I went on a trip to Virginia. Good friends were speaking at conference and it was a good way for us to see them. We also stayed with one of our dear friends who lives in Virginia for a couple of days afterwards.

Bracelet One

We had the opportunity to pray for a pastor and his family that came to this country from Jordan. He was asked to leave because he was preaching the word of God. They have three children and they had to leave two of them behind along with all their belongings. The church that was hosting the conference was helping them find a place to live, a job, etc. When I prayed for the wife, I felt led to pray for hope. As I prayed, I knew God wanted me to give her my hope bracelet. For those of you who know me, understand how much that bracelet meant to me. I’ve worn a hope bracelet everyday since finding out that Tom had cancer. It’s a reminder for me that God is in control of Tom’s cancer. Hope for the future. Hope that he will be healed. The doctors told us that recurrence is not a matter of “if” but “when” with his type of cancer. So our future is really in God’s hands.

It wasn’t easy to give that bracelet up, but I knew it was important for me to give her a reminder of hope.

Bracelet Two

My friend Ginny makes lovely bracelets out of guitar wire. It’s unique. As a matter of fact she made one for my mom. (pictured below my mom and mine). We were having lunch one day with the worship leader and his wife. She admired the bracelet. The fact it was made out of guitar wire was especially appealing for a musician. When she said she liked it, immediately I heard a small voice inside of me say, “Give it to her.” I ignored it since I had already given away a bracelet the day before. Then she asked if she could see it up close. As soon as I took it off I knew I would never wear it again. It was a pleasure to give it away because she was so happy to receive it.

Not only did my friend make me another pretty bracelet but Tom replaced mine with 4 others (he couldn’t decide which one to buy) and my friend we stayed with in Virginia also gave me a bracelet.

At the time that I gave away my bracelets I wasn’t thinking about getting a replacement, but how awesome to not only get a replacement but I got more than double what I gave away.

© Nadine Zawacki 2011


Cindy Campbell said...

That was a great story! You are truly blessed. :o)

Shionge said...

Indeed when we give with love we received back tenfolds so clearly.....wonderful :D

Christina said...

That's what you get for being such a sweet girl. God has blessed you in abundance. Not only is this a beautiful post but it will remind everyone about the power of giving.