Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High School

I've been organizing my photos and have found some gems. I came across some high school photos. I had a bunch of friends who signed messages on the back of their photos. It prompted me to pull out my year books. I went to two different high schools. 

The first one was St. Brendan’s in Brooklyn, NY. It was an all girl Catholic High School because my dad didn't want me to meet boys -ever. Sorry Pops, still met Tom at sixteen in the neighborhood. The school closed down after my junior year because funding. I had the option because of my grades to graduate early by going to summer school and start college at sixteen. I just didn't feel ready for that, so I opted to finish my senior year at another Catholic High School – Nazareth Regional HS. That school was all boys until my sophomore year when it became co-ed. Hence in my senior year it was the last of the “mostly boys” class – sorry Tom.

I read the messages on the photos and in my year books. The messages were all very similar – glad we were friends, keep in touch, always keep your sense of humor, you made me laugh, you made school fun, glad I got to know you, thank you for listening, hope you do well, and good luck in the future. My favorite was I hope we keep in touch. Back then we didn't have the internet much less Facebook. It seemed that after graduation it was hard to keep in touch. Thanks to Facebook I've reconnected to some of friends from high school. 

There was one exception of all the messages that were written in those books. In my junior year this was written:

Although I've really only known you a short time, I tell you that you are someone very important in my life and I hope to spent a lot more of my life with you. You are my very special person. Love ya a lot, Tommy.

That person was Tom. We had been dating about four months at the time. It made me grateful for the love we shared these past thirty five years. It's grown and matured. I thank God that He allowed a relationship born out of high school to endure all these years. 

Tom is the love of my life. I love him and our children. The life we shared and the adventures we've been on. The friends we've made all over the world have been priceless. 

© Nadine Zawacki 2013


amy shepherd said...

Love your insight and you!

John McDonald said...

Sweet :)