Tuesday, September 03, 2013


There’s this gal at our church who started a juice program. She looks great.  I was inspired, but deep down I’m thought to myself I like food. I like eating.

I’ve tried to lose weight before in my lifetime and I was very successful. Ready for the big butt (pun intended) – I couldn’t maintain it. Why? Various reasons but mostly because I couldn’t change the way I ate in the long run. It was hard to eat healthy when you don’t live alone. I’m not that strong.

Tom wanted to do this juice thing. He was inspired too. He wanted to feel better. Our friend recommended we watch, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I added it to my list on Netflix to watch, but didn’t watch it.

 We watched the documentary recently. It was good and it inspired us. We invested in a Breville juicer. It’s very good by the way. It’s super fast and it juices well.

Tom’s very brave and posted his weight on Facebook (daily). I have not. It’s only day four of this new journey but I’m encouraged. Tom’s motivated. He’s inspired me to hang in there. He has lost 10.2 pounds and I’ve lost 9.5. Then he did the craziest thing and purchased a used elliptical trainer. Hmmm. Now we must add exercise. I think he’s secretly trying to kill me.

I’m not brave enough to share my starting weight but let’s just say I need to lose about the size of a very tall healthy freshman in high school. I took a before picture, but I still look like that picture to post it. Maybe when I’m halfway towards my goal I’ll share.

For now I’ve started a journey to better my health. I want my knees to not revolt against me for making them work so hard. I want to shop in the normal section of the store and not in the Plus size which is just a polite term. Omar the Tent Maker is more accurate.

I’m determined to reach my goal. I know that I’ll get there because I’m not walking alone; I have Tom on this journey with me.

© Nadine Zawacki 2013


Anonymous said...

Go Nadine! I'm cheering you on!

Susan said...

Keep us informed. I need to lose, too. I don't seem to be able to stick with is. I lost about 15 lbs but have put 5 of that back on.

Lisa Bulman Taylor said...

you can do it! you both rock!

Kathie said...

Good for you!!

Nadine said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement.