Thursday, August 22, 2013

Singing Sands?

One of the things I love about living on Prince Edward Island is exploring it. Tom and I enjoy getting into the car and just driving. The drives along the coasts are amazing. The land has so many different shades of green that it boggles the mind.

One of the places I wanted to visit was Basin Head’s Singing Sands. The sky was clear and the temperature perfect. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there but the time just flew by. We walked down to the beach and the sand was pinkish white. We started to walk. We wanted to hear it sing. We drugged our feet in the sands. Zip. We shuffled our feet in the sands. Zilch. We stomped. Nada. I even picked up the sand and squished it through my fingers. Still nothing.

I would have taken any type of noise from those sands that day but maybe it didn’t like me or wasn’t in the mood to sing. Maybe I showed up during intermission. I don’t know why the sands didn’t sing but I don’t hold it against it. The beach was still beautiful and time spent with Tom was a bonus for me.

Whether the sands made any sound for me doesn’t matter. Maybe I just was moving my feet about incorrectly. I don’t know what the trouble was but it wasn’t a waste of time. I had a lovely time. It was peaceful. The sound of the water was calming. Maybe that’s what I needed to hear.

Sometimes I try to listen to God speak to me and I don’t hear anything. The time I spend with Him is peaceful and I feel better when I’m done. Sometimes He speaks to me in His silence. Sometimes I don’t get what I wanted from time spent with Him but I get what I need.

© Nadine Zawacki 2013


a woman who is said...

Gorgeous pic, lovely thoughts friend <3

Dawn Welch said...

Love when you share your heart! Be blessed!