Monday, May 22, 2006

Don’t Drink and Drive

How often has this slogan been used? Many, many times because it makes sense and the results are often tragic when someone ignores it. Tragedy usually happens to the innocent bystander and not the drunk driver. Driving a car drunk is bad decision which can cause so much damage. Have you seen some of those videos they show during Driver’s Ed class to scare teenagers from doing this? How much more damage can be had if the drunkard is a train conductor, an airline pilot or maybe a cruise ship captain? Um . . . cruise ship captain now that’s one I’m interested in.

The captain of a cruise ship was arrested in Seattle, WA this past Friday for having a blood alcohol level that was more than twice the federal maritime limit, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Apparently the Coast Guard conducts routine inspections and it was during one of these inspections that alcohol was smelled on the captain’s breath. The ship was held at port and departure delayed for over an hour while the captain was taken off the ship. Now just guess which ship this was. Go ahead guess. Give up? Alright it was the very ship that 2 weeks from now my wonderful husband and I will be on – Celebrity’s Mercury.

This situation is sad and tragic yes, but it could have happened 2 ½ weeks from now when Tom and I were on the boat heading for the Hubbard Glacier, none the wiser that the boat captain had no intention of stopping because he was severely impaired in his judgment. The tragedy would have been greater if innocent people got hurt because he crashed the ship.

So let’s give God a big hand for exposing this before any innocent people got hurt. Can I get an AMEN!!!

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Don C. said...

Wow! God is good to you, peeps! Just love reading your posts...I can hear your voice and inflection in my head as I read. Hey! What are you doing in my head!

Thanks for just being you, friend. That's just so awesome to be...'course you already knew that! :)

Zaheer Sheikh said...

Hi, I read your post, it has really good information. I dont know why do people drive when they drink, and why do people drink if they know that they have to drive.

I researched a lot on drinking and driving for my assignment, and I found one really strange result... We all know that drinking and driving is not safe, but when people do not drink at all, than their driving could be even more dangerous.

In KSA, drinking is not allowed. There, driving is very dangerous. Checkout this video on youtube:

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