Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wrapping Presents

I have a hard time sleeping when Tom is not home. I woke up early around 7:00 am and started my day. I was pleased with my accomplishments today. I didn’t save anyone nor did anything anyone would have found vital to the universe.

One of the many things I did do today was wrap all of my Christmas presents, including stocking stuffers. I wanted to make sure that I wrapped Tom’s presents while he wasn’t home, but once I started I had to finish.

It reminded how this tradition of me wrapping all the gifts Tom and I gave to the kids got started. When the children were really little, Tom and I didn’t have much money. I chose to stay home and so any money we had went towards presents for the kids. The kids were teenagers before we started buying presents for each other. It didn’t really matter because we madly in love and were grateful for the many blessings we had.

I loved wrapping the gifts. I enjoyed the decorating part especially trying to make each gift look unique with the use of bows and ribbons. Tom would help, but as time went on, I was doing it all alone. This never bothered me because I really did love it.

As I wrapped the gifts today, I remembered Christmas past when I did all my shopping at Toys R Us. After Christmas there was the joy of putting the toys together. I especially loved that part. Tom tried to help, but I would stay up into the wee hours until it was done. My favorite part was putting stickers on Tommy’s GI Joe toys and Lisa’s Barbie cars.

My family is so gracious and really make you feel good about yourself when they open up their presents. It doesn’t matter what they get, they are grateful and make a fuss. I love to give them gifts. It makes me very happy. I’m excited about the gift I bought for Tom this year for I put alot of thought in it. I hope he likes it.

If I am pleased over the little things I give my family, how much more is God pleased when He lavishes His gifts on us. Do I take it for granted or do I express gratitude for His all that He has given me? I pray that I never take it for granted, but the truth of the matter is that I sometimes do. I forget to give Him the credit for my talents and on occasion accepted the kudos that belonged to Him.

So Lord forgive me those times I didn’t show appreciation for the gifts You’ve given me. Forgive me for the times I’ve taken credit for those gifts. Lord thank You for all You’ve given me, especially these three gifts – Tom, Lisa and Tommy.

© Nadine Z. 2006

Artwork by Charlotte Ardizzone

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