Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Giveaway

A friend of mine wrote an amazing story. Lynda Meyers has a way with the written word. This story is real and gritty. She’s managed to broach difficult subject matters with humor and sensitivity. If you enjoy reading stories that make you think and feel, then you’ll be moved by the tale she spins. It is no surprise that she won the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award. The book also received honorable mention at the New York Book Festival and runner up at the Hollywood Book Festival. Below is a short description of Letters From the Ledge.

Still reeling from the suicide of his best friend Tess, seventeen-year old Brendan struggles to overcome addiction and identity issues. Walking the ledge outside his Manhattan apartment has become its own sort of drug, as he stands night after night with his arms outstretched, ready to fly away.

Sarah can see him from her window, and begins journaling about a boy on a ledge. Paige and Nate, a young couple in another building, can see both teens from their fire escape.

None of them know the others are watching, but a strong desire for freedom resides in each of them, and as their lives begin to intertwine, that desire will be tested. Anyone can jump, but not everyone can fly...

The giveaway is simple all you need to do is leave a comment to be entered.  A winner will be picked at random by Feb. 26th. Please note that if you are entering outside of the United States you will be given an electronic e-book or kindle version. Inside the US a signed copy from the author.

Her book is available at Amazon: Click Here
The Kindle version is currently on sale for $1.99: Click Here
Her personal website/blog can be found: Click Here

Lynda has a new book coming out soon called Truly and Finn. I'll let you all know when that's available. Until then a brief synopsis is as follows:

What do you get when you cross and Irishman with an Englishman and add in a little New York sass? A "Truly" great story, that's what!

Truly has her world all lined up and organized - until she meets Finn at a Yankees game. He dumps a coke down her shirt and turns her world upside down. Finn is half Irish, half English, and fully fantastic, but he comes with his own brand of mystery. After all, a guy like that doesn't exist in the real world. Or does he? 

She's not looking for a relationship. He's not looking for trouble. But they seem to have found each other… Two complete books, brought together into one incredible story.

© Nadine Zawacki 2013 

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Cindy Campbell said...

I would love a signed copy of this book- I read a chapter of me of her books and am enthralled! This is such a nice thing you are doing to promote your friend!